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Week 1 Report | GSoC'22@CircuitVerse

In the 1st out of 12 weeks of the coding period - I completed setting up and integrating of the simulator code from the main CircuitVerse repository.

Setting up the project

I started with setting up the Vue project using Vite and installing all the dependencies and the basic folder structure for the project.

I added ES Lint and Prettier for linting and formatting and added scripts to format the entire codebase on running it.

Also added husky and commitlint for checking my commit messages before pushing my code.

Added aliases for src and components folder.

Having the basic project set up I pushed the initial code to the repository

Decoupling Simulator from Backend

Next, I moved my focus to integrate the simulator code where I faced a lot of challenges.

I learned to move a directory from one repository to another preserving its commit history. Link to a very helpful article to implement this.

Then I spend a few days solving some small bugs, to make the core functionalities of the simulator work.

Since I had already decoupled the simulator in my proposal task, it helped me a lot.

Following it I remove the unrequired dependencies from the project.

Finally, my PR(Simulator codebase integration) was merged.

Time Management

This week I learned a lot about managing time, with my CDC internship exam approaching within a month, I also had to focus on doing DSA problems and CP.

Giving equal importance to both of them.

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