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Week 3 & 4 Report | GSoC'22@CircuitVerse

During this period I completed the Properties Panel and also some reusable form input components followed by linking the properties with circuit elements.

Initially, the properties panel was displayed by appending HTML as a string to the DOM which I replaces with Vue logic. The Panel contains PanelHeader and PanelBody.

There are 3 types of Panel Body -

  1. Showing Layout Properties

  2. Showing Project Properties

  3. Showing Element Properties

The panel body to be displayed is decided upon the last selected element.

Once the toggling was working I switched my attention to the input components inside the Panel. Replaced jquery UI inputSpinner with my own component similarly for others.

Then I worked on linking the inputs with the change of event.

I faced some challenges implementing toggling logic of the panel body and connecting some properties with the event listeners.

With this, the Properties panel was completed. Link to the PR


Next Week's Aim

Next, I will work on the internationalization of the Panel.

Will build the components for Layout Properties and Layout Circuit Panel.

I will also look into the Project Embed system and how it can be linked with the Vue Simulator.


This week I came back to campus and with my CDC internship exams starting within a week, and the CV building phase running I had to manage my time properly.

Dividing my time wisely between preparing for CDC and completing my GSoC tasks.

All in all, for this week I would rate my effort a solid 10/10 but my productivity 7/10.

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