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Week 7 & 8 Report | GSoC'22@CircuitVerse

During these two weeks, I worked on refactoring and structuring the Tabsbar Component. After that, I started working on the Combinational Analysis Dialog Box.

Tabsbar Component

I created a circuitList array which stores the list of circuit tabs and the order representing the order in which circuit tabs are shown in the tabsbar.

For sorting tabs, I used Vue.Draggable which is based on all features of Sortable.js.

You can see this library in action here. It was the perfect lightweight library I was looking for the sortability of tabs in the tabsbar previously implemented using JqueryUI.

Some of the challenges I faced and other things implemented were -

  • Proper linking of the circuitList array with the scopeLIst array.

  • Any addition or deletion or update would affect both lists.

  • Updating canvas with selection or deletion or creation of tab

  • Showing proper active tab on switching or deleting or sorting.

  • Linked the circuit names fields in the tabsbar and the properties panel.

Once all of the things were working I switched my focus to creating customs instead of browser alert or input for which I used Vuetify Dialogs Component.

  • Entering the circuit name on creating a new circuit

  • Conformation on the deletion of circuit

  • Message or Alert to be displayed


Dialog Box: Combinational Analysis

Next, I moved my focus to converting the JqueryUI dialog boxes to Vuetify Dialog components.

I started with the Combinational Analysis Dialog Box.

It had 3 parts -

  1. Inputs for combinational Analysis

  2. Displaying the Logic table using the inputs

  3. Generate a circuit or Print the table from the Logic Table


The next week I plan to complete all the dialog box components.

These two weeks were very productive for me and I finally feel like picking up the pace for the completion of the project.

I passed my Mid-GSoC evaluation and my blog post for the GSoC'22 Phase1 Report also got merged. Do give it a read.

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