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Week 9 & 10 Report | GSoC'22@CircuitVerse

These 2 weeks i focused on converting the Dialog boxes to its components which was previously implemented using JqueryUI.

Dialog boxes in CircuitVerse simulator - ( General Dialog Box Component )

  • Combinational Analysis Dialog

  • Hex-Bin-Dec Converter Dialog

  • Save Image Dialog

  • Theme Dialog

  • Custom Shortcut Dialog

  • Insert Sub-circuit Dialog (some bugs)

  • Export Verilog Code Dialog

  • Save/Open Project Dialog

We also have a persistence property -

persistence = false  
Does not close the dialog on clicking outside

Combinational Analysis Dialog Box

It was the hardest to code among all the dialog boxes. It is kind of two dialog boxes within the one.

  • Create boolean table from given instructions

  • Create circuits from a boolean table.


Save Image Dialog Box -

On selecting some specefic image types, instead of disabling the buttons by covering them, I am conditionally display them.


Export Verilog Code Dialog Box

I used codemirror-editor-vue3 along with codemirror which helps in easy implementation of the codemirror environment using some states.

Let me create and save verilog code file of the circuit Inserted using Combinational Analysis tool.


Save and Open Offline Dialog Box -

CircuitVerse allows saving circuit online in your profile and thier database as well as saving it offline in your browser local storage.

Saving the circuit offline created using Combinational Analysis and opening it.



It was an interesting and core part of the project as previously all dialog boxes were coded using jQuery UI, Now replaced with dialog box vuetify component.

I faced a lots of small challenges in this part was able to solve them.

With the GSoC period approaching towards it end.

The last 2 weeks I will focus on refactoring the simulator canvases and moving them to Pinia store.

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