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  • Week 11 & 12 Report | GSoC'22@CircuitVerse

    During the final two weeks of my GSoC journey, I worked on refactoring the simulator canvas and moving them to the Pinia store. Canvases in CircuitVerse Simulator - BackgroundArea Canvas - base canvas on which the grids are made SimulationArea Canvas - canvas on which the circuit elements are drawn MinimapArea Canvas - canvas showing the minimap of the entire area Initially, the canvas in the simulator is represented as an object. First, I had to figure out a way to implement the refactoring without breaking down the simulator since there are a lot of places where canvas objects are used. Since most of the usage of the canvases is outside the Vue components, I learnt using a store outside of a component. Initially, for separating the states, actions, and getters of the store into separate files, I was using a store for each of them, importing them all to the common store (hence 3 different stores instead of 1), and changed that to use one store for each canvas. Future Works - With most of the parts of the simulator converted to Vue, there still remain some bugs and parts yet to be refactored and tested - like the Verilog editor, Quick button panels, and some panels in Layout mode. After these are completed - we would include the Vue Simulator in the main project alongside the actual simulator and open it to users for testing. Once the Vue codebase is included in the Main repository, loading and saving the circuits online would work. Conclusion - The last 12 weeks were an amazing learning experience. I learned so many new technologies, and solving road blockers in each step boosted my motivation every time. The best part of this program I felt is that having given a project idea, gave me all the freedom to plan out the project, and its workflow and execute them, and finally having completed it successfully boosts my confidence to the roof. I would love to thank my mentor @abstrekt for always being there to help me. Also @tachyons for always guiding me in the right direction.

  • Week 9 & 10 Report | GSoC'22@CircuitVerse

    These 2 weeks i focused on converting the Dialog boxes to its components which was previously implemented using JqueryUI. Dialog boxes in CircuitVerse simulator - ( General Dialog Box Component ) Combinational Analysis Dialog Hex-Bin-Dec Converter Dialog Save Image Dialog Theme Dialog Custom Shortcut Dialog Insert Sub-circuit Dialog (some bugs) Export Verilog Code Dialog Save/Open Project Dialog We also have a persistence property - persistence = false Does not close the dialog on clicking outside Combinational Analysis Dialog Box It was the hardest to code among all the dialog boxes. It is kind of two dialog boxes within the one. Create boolean table from given instructions Create circuits from a boolean table. Save Image Dialog Box - On selecting some specefic image types, instead of disabling the buttons by covering them, I am conditionally display them. Export Verilog Code Dialog Box I used codemirror-editor-vue3 along with codemirror which helps in easy implementation of the codemirror environment using some states. Let me create and save verilog code file of the circuit Inserted using Combinational Analysis tool. Save and Open Offline Dialog Box - CircuitVerse allows saving circuit online in your profile and thier database as well as saving it offline in your browser local storage. Saving the circuit offline created using Combinational Analysis and opening it. CONCLUSION It was an interesting and core part of the project as previously all dialog boxes were coded using jQuery UI, Now replaced with dialog box vuetify component. I faced a lots of small challenges in this part was able to solve them. With the GSoC period approaching towards it end. The last 2 weeks I will focus on refactoring the simulator canvases and moving them to Pinia store.

  • Week 7 & 8 Report | GSoC'22@CircuitVerse

    During these two weeks, I worked on refactoring and structuring the Tabsbar Component. After that, I started working on the Combinational Analysis Dialog Box. Tabsbar Component I created a circuitList array which stores the list of circuit tabs and the order representing the order in which circuit tabs are shown in the tabsbar. For sorting tabs, I used Vue.Draggable which is based on all features of Sortable.js. You can see this library in action here. It was the perfect lightweight library I was looking for the sortability of tabs in the tabsbar previously implemented using JqueryUI. Some of the challenges I faced and other things implemented were - Proper linking of the circuitList array with the scopeLIst array. Any addition or deletion or update would affect both lists. Updating canvas with selection or deletion or creation of tab Showing proper active tab on switching or deleting or sorting. Linked the circuit names fields in the tabsbar and the properties panel. Once all of the things were working I switched my focus to creating customs instead of browser alert or input for which I used Vuetify Dialogs Component. Entering the circuit name on creating a new circuit Conformation on the deletion of circuit Message or Alert to be displayed Dialog Box: Combinational Analysis Next, I moved my focus to converting the JqueryUI dialog boxes to Vuetify Dialog components. I started with the Combinational Analysis Dialog Box. It had 3 parts - Inputs for combinational Analysis Displaying the Logic table using the inputs Generate a circuit or Print the table from the Logic Table Conclusion The next week I plan to complete all the dialog box components. These two weeks were very productive for me and I finally feel like picking up the pace for the completion of the project. I passed my Mid-GSoC evaluation and my blog post for the GSoC'22 Phase1 Report also got merged. Do give it a read.

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